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United States of America Identity Crisis

As a citizen of the United States of America we are told that if we work hard enough we can be anything we want to be. If we take a surface view of this cliché there is no denying that there is truth in this statement.

Somewhere between this seed planted in our heads and the utopian fantasy we are told to believe is an obstacle course of expectations from our elders, financial mine fields and how we are perceived in society.

Sometimes this perception is earned. When we make poor choices; the consequences follow us in the form of criminal records, financial reports and reputation preventing us from reaching this utopian dream but there is also something to be said for the albatross around our necks placed on us by other human beings.

This albatross comes in the form of being expected to walk, talk, think and act a certain way because of your race. For women is comes in the form of being expected to devote their lives to finding a man to take care of them and become a baby factory. For men it comes in the form of being expected to not show emotion, being a provider and dominance.

These expectations are all a product of a world we claim to have evolved from but constantly try to revert back into.

A world that made it acceptable to enslave human beings for profit.

A world that made it acceptable to sell girls barely in their teens into a life of servitude and baby making.

A world that encourages conflict over finding solutions.

When we take the time to understand common phrases like “ Acting Black” “Be a Man” and “Act Like a Lady” we blindly keep alive the sins of generations we speak against in public but praise behind closed doors.

To make matters worse these problems have entered our politics. Our tribal nature has created a mindset among the sheep for groups of people to be placed into voting blocks and anyone that steps outside of this norm is branded as a disgrace.

Issues no longer matter. The only thing that matters is what tribe you’re in and whether you’re on my team or against my team.

If we are ever going to fix our problems we have to start by understanding what our problems are.

No matter your race, sexual orientation, gender, religion or socio economic class you have the right to support or not support whatever issues you see fit.

What you don’t have the right to do is try and force someone to use their inalienable right to vote or support a candidate solely based on the color of their skin, gender, race, sexual orientation or religion.

Are you tired of working your ass off and having no money to to enjoy your life? Are you tired of driving under that bridge that will crumble at any moment? Are you tired of career politicians giving themselves a raise every year while the cost of living goes up and your pay remains the same?

These aren’t issues that will be fixed by attacking each other. These are issues that Will only be fixed when we drop our war banners and come together to demand our government do the simple job of representing the people. #wethepeople #lovethyneighbor #YOUaretheproblem #fixyourself

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